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Earn POINTS each day

Earn POINTS each day

The more POINTS you have the bigger your final $CHLL airdrop

The more POINTS you have the bigger your final $CHLL airdrop


  • 1. What is a WASD?

    Each WASD is a part of the WASD NFT collection created by CHLL.GG and ach of them has unique utilities:

    • More staking options for $CHLL native token

    • Exclusive benefits at CHLL.GG

    • VIP Discord channel access

    • Emotional Damage to other gamers who don't have WASD ;-)

  • 2. If I stake only 1 WASD, will I get any $CHLL?

    Yes. Everyone wins.

  • 3. Why does each WASD stake come with two signatures and two gas fees?

    In order to stake a WASD you must first consent to your WASD being staked and then you must confirm the stake. Therefore, each stake involves two signatures and two gas fees.

  • 4. How can I get POINTS?

    It’s simple! You get POINTS for each day of staking WASD by you and your friends.

    • The more WASD you stake, the more POINTS you get.

    • The longer you stake your WASD, the more POINTS you get.

    • The more friends used your link / typed your wallet address at, the more POINTS you get.

    • Come back each day to get additional DAILY REWARD!

  • 5. How does the POINTS system work?

    For each staked WASD and for each referred friend you are getting POINTS daily. During the first 5 days of each staked WASD you get 10x more points for that specific stake. The same rule applies to the POINTS received for referrals. The 5 days timer starts running right after staking a WASD or referring a friend and is separate for each action within these two activities.

  • 6. How much $CHLL I can get?

    It depends on your total POINTS when the hunt is finished. The more POINTS you have, the more $CHLL you get.

  • 7. When will I get $CHLL?

    Tokens are distributed from the pool Ecosystem Incentives (Tokenomics / Pre-sale offer). It means, that you will get first batch of $CHLL 1 month after TGE (so in November 2023). You will get equal batches for the next 47 months after the first one. Example: If you win 48.000 $CHLL in the PRE-IDO Token Hunt, you will get 1.000 $CHLL each month for the next 48 months after TGE.

  • 8. How can I claim my $CHLL?

    You will be able to claim your $CHLL at website.

  • 9. What’s the goal of the hunt?

    We use the hunt to build a dedicated and satisfied community.

  • 10. How big is the airdrop?

    It’s big. We will announce it later with the date of the end of the hunt.